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I cannot log in. What can I do?

If you cannot log onto Stud.IP, possible reasons are the following:

1. Are you using the right login page?
When you are at the login page choose To the login. You will get forwarded to another page where you have to enter your ZIM-identifier.

2. Expired password
If your password expired you will get a few courtesy login chances during a short period of time. If you login during this time, the system will send you a warning message, reminding you to update your password. You can do this without sending a request to the support, simply by using this form.

If your password already expired and you used all your courtesy logins, the following message will appear: "Dieser Username existiert nicht", which means the system can't find your profile. In this case you may direct yourself to the support and they will provide you with one more login. You can contact the support via phone or e-mail.

If you registered your mobile phone number in HisQis previously, you can get a new password with our SMS-Reset .

3. Incorrect password or incorrect RZ-Identifier
The system will show you a red error message if you tried to log onto Stud.IP by using an incorrect password or username.

If you entered an incorrect password or ZIM-Identifier, try to enter your data again while paying attention to the correct spelling of your identifier. If the data is repeatedly entered incorrectly, your account will be blocked for 30 minutes due to safety reasons. You can try again later.

If the login is still not working you may direct yourself to the support.