Universität Passau
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Tuesday: 12:00 - 14:00, weekly (from 21/04/20) n.a
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Tue , 26.05.2020 12:00 - 14:00
Dr. Marcus Antonio Giamattei, Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff

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news New time for tutorial - please fill out survey (NOW IT WORKS!!!)

Hej all,

we have to change the time slot of the tutorial. For this, I would ask you to fill in your possibilites to avoid clashes with other lectures. Please only turn down an option if you have another lecture/course during this time and briefly state the title of this other lecture/course. Please do not turn down options because you do not like the time. Here is the survey link, WHICH WORKS NOW! (sorry for the inconvience)


Please fill out until our next tutorial on May 26th at 12pm.

Best, Marcus

P.S. Irrespective of the time change, we will still do a tutorial on June 16th to make up for the session in the week before. In the week before (June 8-12) there will be not tutorial as I am not available.